Essential guide to looking after your jewellery. Please check the description of your product for information on the materials used in the piece.

All of ninetwo.5 pieces are crafted using high quality materials made to last. Our pieces are mostly made using 100% recycled 9ct solid gold or sterling silver. We also offer some pieces in Vermeil gold (2.5 micron gold plating over 100% sterling silver). Ensure the longevity of your piece by following the general rules listed below. Continue reading to learn more about the specific care requirements for different alloys.


-remove when in contact with water (pool, ocean, shower)

-remove when performing strenuous activites (cleaning, exercise)

- remove when using chemicals (whilst moisterizing, applying sunscreen, cleaning chemicals ect)

- store in a dry box when not wearing


9ct solid gold & 925 sterling silver :

Everday Wear, Durable, Waterproof, Colour cannot fade.

With proper care, these alloys can last you a lifetime. General rules are still reccomended for hygiene reasons and to keep the highpolished shine of your piece for longer.


soak jewels in warm water and a natural soap (minimal harsh chemicals) use an extra soft tooth brush and lightly scrub. Dry with a microfibre cloth, rub with a polishing cloth for high shine finish.

Vermiel gold (2.5 micron gold plating over 925 sterling silver)

Casual Wear, Durable, Water resistant, Colour may fade.

Requires more care than precious metals. With proper care our Vermiel gold pieces can still last several years. This is a high quality plating, it will not turn green. Strongly recommend following the general rules to ensure this piece retains its gold colour for as long as possible.


With a small amount of warm water (if required) use an extra soft toothbrush to scrub areas of build up/dirt. Thoroughly dry your piece with a microfibre cloth, finish with a polishing cloth for shine.