Jamie created ninetwo.5 jewellery in 2020. Handcrafting all pieces from her home studio in Australia.

Her passion for jewellery making begun through an injury that left her on crutches for several months.

"if i couldnt use my feet, it was only logical to find what i could do with my hands."

she goes onto equate ninetwo.5 with a lily flower, as it similarly "grew out of crap."

"My pieces are baby sculptures, tiny works of art. They are vintage inspired, but they do have modern twists - in that the techniques used to create these pieces are fresh and new.

My intention is to create heirloom pieces. Im not a big consumer, it doesn't feel aligned for me to push consumption of things we don't need. It feels absolutely in alignment, to offer significant objects, with sentimental value and a nostalgia that can be felt forever."