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Finger print jewellery Is the sweetest sentiment…

Place your order selecting your size and choice of 9ct solid gold or 925 sterling silver 

Ninetwo.5 fingerprint moulding solution is sent out the next business day

This parcel includes:

- Materials required to create your finger print impression.

- Written instructions

- Detailed video instructions via QR code

- Return shipping label (to send your impression back to us)

The process is easy, non toxic, safe for children and does not require heat. If something happens to go wrong with your first impression, we've provided materials for a second attempt. 

On the card you receive, you’ll be asked to fill out your two digit engraving which is hidden & printed on the inside of your band. It could be a date, initials, sentimental number… this ensures we can differenciate all rings.

You package it up and send it back to us, using the return shipping label provided.  

Once we receive your finished mould in the mail, we use it to impress your fingerprint onto your piece. We require 6 weeks to craft your piece from the date we receive your impression back in the mail.

And vwallah, your piece is shipped.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Unfortunately this is currently unavailable for dogs, as our moulding solution requires print to be pressed for minimum of 15 minutes. We hope to release a snout print option soon. 
  • We require 6 weeks to craft your piece from the date we have receive your print

Any questions or concerns? Reach out to us via email

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