Our Story

Ninetwo.5 is was founded & created by Jamie. Up until 2024 Jamie hand crafted each and every piece from scratch to finish. She has welcomed a few staff to the team this year, operating out of her home studio in Australia. Jamie still creates all ninetwo.5 custom pieces.

Jamie's journey into the world of jewelry making is as captivating as her creations. It began with an unexpected twist of fate—an injury that led her down a path she never imagined. Through adversity, Jamie discovered her hidden talent "Making rings saved me" . What started as a mere curiosity soon blossomed into an all-consuming obsession.

Self-taught and driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge "There is something unique about the type of focus required when using this medium - its so acute. Spending all day focusing only on a 5cm circumference. My favourite rabbit hole"

For Jamie, jewelry making is more than just a hobby—it's her life's work, her passion, her raison d'être. Every bead, every curve, every delicate detail is a testament to her unwavering dedication and unwavering commitment to her art.